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‘rock on’


Name:: ellie
Age:: 15
Location:: buffalo

Favorite bands::
-metallica-dixie chicks (rock onn)-evanescence-nfg-story of the year-godsmack-korn-apc-three days grace-in flames-as I lay dying-rocket summer-thrice-lacuna coil-nickleback--rage against the machine-apc-blink182-i cant think of any others right noww
Favorite musical instruments:: probably.. acoustic guitar
Genres of music you like:: mainly rock and metal. i like jazz, some ska I like some punk, im pretty open-- and who can resist a little dancing around their room to ‘im a slave for you’ once in a while… don’t deny it…. ; )
Favorite lyric:: the intro to bleeding through ‘lost in a hail of gunfire’ because boondock saints is my favorite movie… sorry I cant choose a lyric. orr.. 'one monkey dont stop no show' [ella fitzgerald] orr.. "ive been hiding in the jungle gym for way too long' [eve 6]
Favorite songs:: god that failed, my friend of misery, fade to black, sad but true (metallica), at least were dreaming (eve 6), whisper (evanescence), cross my heart (rocket summer) 99 red balloons (goldfinger) 94 hours [as i lay dying] my goddess [the exies] ... there are just so many.
Least favorite bands:: I generally don’t dislike bands but… I fucking hate good charlotte
Why do you love music? when you listen to music, your in your own world, you get those headphones on, or you put that cd in, and you feel like you can just go insane, you just loose yourself.

::More About You::
Favorite movies:: boondock saints, super troopers, fight club, ace ventura (pet detective), dumb+dumber, Chicago, napoleon dynomite, finding nemo
Favorite books:: define normal, stone fox, the gossip girl series, stargirl, catcher in the rye, and then there were none
Favorite TV shows:: will and grace, that 70’s show
Anything interesting about you? my guilty pleasures are chinese food, gum, music and my best friend

School:: sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it. Generally I don’t hate it.
Abortion:: pro choice times eleventybillion
SxE:: if you choose to not do drugs or to drink, props to you.
Gay Marriage:: im so for it. Why the fuck should your gender determine who you love.

::Other Stuff::
How did you find out about us? Umm.. my friend?
Promote us to one community or two users and provide the link::
Why do you rock? im a small girl. im only 5'1 and 103lbs BUT, people know not to mess with me. im not like a super bitch or anything, but i deal with people who need to be dealt with, and im happy that im me and can stand up for myself, even if i am small
Please post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself::
this is kinda a while ago.. but i like this pic.
this is me and my best friend. im in the light yellow
me, doing this thing called step.. its like making beats with stomping and clapping.. its hard to explain but its cool
i dont really like this next picture, i look like im posing way too hard and i hate posing pictures, but that first one wasnt very recent.


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